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See what other people are saying about The Falls at Westover Hills apartments! At The Falls at Westover Hills Luxury Living, we value all our residents voices, and can’t wait for you to see our luxury apartments for yourself. These The Falls at Westover Hills reviews will show you why our San Antonio, TX apartments are a cut above the rest.


The issues with the community that I read, are all from the previous management. The new team in the office is so helpful, and they've really improved the place. All the issues that were here before have either been fixed, or seriously addressed. I have been at lots of communities in the Westover Hills area, and The Falls is by far the best, since they took over. They're all kind, competent and really get stuff done for me, and my neighbors. Plus, they've done tons of give aways and parties. Believe me, the quality of customer service they give, plus the price and location, just can't be beat. I know some of these other reviews can be really off putting, but give the new Roscoe people a chance. It's so worth it!


Been here for about a couple years. Nice place, good neighbors and great staff. Always super friendly and helpful. The friendly office staff coupled with the great maintenance staff is amazing. They are quick and responsive!!!!! I came home from work one day with the office about to close and my A/C was out and they came up right away and fixed it ASAP. Nice place to live and good location with lots around. Great amenities and awesome pool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Settle in because there is a bit to read. My family has been here for about 6 months. We've been blessed to not have as many headaches as others, but understand that any of that can change in a heartbeat. Not all of the complaints we see or hear are about the management office. Sometimes there are residents (or visitors) who do not follow the rules set for the apartment complex, which causes disruptions. On another note, the parking situation is difficult as many have stated. My family went ahead and purchased reserved covered parking on day 1 since there were so many complaints about it. For rainy and hail storm days, it would be best to just pay the extra up front and be protected as much as possible. Garages are much more in cost, but some people are very glad they have one after these last few storms. :) Both ground debris and neighbor disruption complaints sometimes exist as with many apartment complexes in San Antonio. One reason that you may see dog poop on the ground from time-to-time (and it is not everywhere) is NOT necessarily because of the lack of management cleaning it up. Let me be very clear with this. I am fair to whomever deserves it, whether it be residents, visitors, management, or maintenance. Those who have animals are supposed to clean up after their own animals. If by any chance the apartment community runs out of doggie bags during your walk, you alone are still responsible for cleaning up after your own animal. Simply take some old Walmart/H-E-B plastic bags with you and you're set. The same reasoning applies to changing your child's diaper or cleaning up messy spills in the house: you always find a way to do so because it is necessary and "it was on your watch". As for neighbor complaints, yes, you may sometimes have to talk to you neighbor. Now, not every apartment complex has this problem so do not let this scare you away. The truth is that sometimes people do not know that they are a disturbance to you. If you kindly talk to them and explain what is taking place, this could solve the problem for you (or at least minimize it). If that does not work, file a complaint with the front office and do a follow-up on the situation. If you're still not satisfied, call the police. You have a right just as anyone else to peace around your environment. Oh, let's the touch the security guard. I have seen a police cruiser (or Texas Lawman Security) quite a few times patrolling the premises. One police officer CANNOT capture every single detail of a robbery or any other noise disturbance that takes place. He or she is still working the job as assigned. This is my unbiased opinion in total. My family has had a few bumps here and there but most things have been worked out along the way because we handled them right away. Others, we have just learned to let roll off the shoulder because they are not worth bursting a blood vessel.



jokes and jokes


It was a nice place. But there is one complaint i have to make. At the afternoon, there wasnt a lot of parking and it made my mom and dad angry. They have to park far away. So it was a 1-2 minute guilt trip to get to our apartment.


My apartment is beautiful and I haven't experienced any problems after living here for just over a year.


love the management staff and the clean property! everytime i walk into the office they great me by name and ask about my dog and work. the pool is clean and quiet. there are a lot of military families in this apartment complex which makes me feel very comfortable living alone. there is plenty of parking for myself and any guests. many of my coworkers live here too and wouldnt live anywhere else!



you pay for which is excellent service, beautiful gated community, safety, and quiet living.

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